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NSD Power Spinner Gyrosopic Exerciser Review

The hand and wrist exerciser market should certainly be considered "niche", and trying to break it into sub-categories is an exercise in futility. In turn, that makes reviewing it difficult because if you're already considering a gyroscopic hand exerciser this may not be particularly informative. Really, then, this is more of an educational walk-through of a product you've maybe never heard of, with enough background information to hopefully pique your interest. Gyroscopic wrist exercisers have been around for a long time. I know I first picked one up in high school nearly 15 years ago, and they were around long before that as well. But most people probably have no actual use for the product, or, because it's such a small market, didn't know such a product existed to begin with. So stay with me here, because it's actually a pretty cool device. (more…)

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