PowerBlock Sport 5.5 Review

About a month into the P90X fitness program I realized that even though I’d been using a nice set of bands, they were no substitute for proper adjustable dumbbells. Why adjustable dumbbells? Because frankly, I don’t have room for an entire rack of weights in my living room, and I don’t have a dedicated workout room/garage, either.

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Miele Earth Canister Vacuum Review

Most people laugh at me when I try to explain why I didn’t enjoy my Dyson, and how, by applying some basic logic, most consumer-level vacuums aren’t all they claim to be. Even more hysterical to them is when I try to explain how you get what you pay for; a good vacuum is likely going to cost well more than $200.

Ask someone to name a good vacuum brand that costs over $200. I’d be willing to bet you’d hear about 85% “Dyson”, 10% “Oreck” and 5% other. Unfortunately, at least 95% of those folks apparently haven’t researched their vacuums like I have. Your logical thought then is “ok, Luke, what is a good vacuum brand, then, and why?”

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