22 May

Griffin Reveal for iPad / Incase Convertible Magazine Jacket Review

I probably would not have spent my own money on an iPad, but I certainly didn’t mind getting one as a gift for Christmas. Once I did, one of the things I wanted to do right away was get a case on it that protected (at least) the back and edges. That aluminum finish is just too sexy to mess up.

Before considering what case to buy for an iPad, you need to consider how you’ll be using the device. A cell phone, for example, is always with you whether it be in your pocket or purse. It can be dropped on the ground in numerous different locations. Thus, it’s a good idea to protect the entire phone — back, edges, corners, and screen — whenever possible. But with an iPad, you’re probably not going to be carrying it full time in a purse or pocket and, if you’re like me, it might not even leave your home much.

I admit that when I first started on my case search I hadn’t thought this far ahead and the Convertible Magazine Jacket from Incase looked to be a great all-around solution. It covers the back, corners, and screen of the iPad. Sweet, until you look at the price tag of $50. Yow! If it’s the best, it might still be worth it though, which was my justification for driving over to Best Buy to pick one up. While I was there, I noticed two things: they had the Convertible Magazine Jacket on a price mistake for $39.99 (which they ended up honoring for me), and they had a crazy sale on Griffin cases, most more than 50% off. So while I was there, I also picked up a Griffin Reveal for $15. Whichever one I liked less was going back. See video for impressions of each or read my conclusions after the jump:

Essentially I realized that for my use at home, I did not really need the screen protection and much preferred the better maneuverability that the Griffin Reveal offered. It did make my volume rocker a bit flaky, but once I got used to it it stopped bothering me a whole lot. Plus I don’t change my volume too much.

The Incase may be an excellent case if you are traveling frequently with your iPad or don’t change the orientation frequently. But for its $40-50 price tag, there was just no way I could justify it. Thus, the Incase went back to the store.

If you found my review helpful and wish to purchase one of these cases from Amazon, please click here to view the Incase product detail page or click here to view the
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. I get a small percentage from each sale I refer. And yes, I really do love Amazon. I do as much of my online shopping as possible from there.

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