Powerblock Sport 5.* Stage II Kit

The Powerblock Sport 5.0 (or 5.5) Stage II Kit is a little bit of a unicorn. Look for it on the Powerblock site and you won’t find it. Call Powerblock and — so I am told — they will tell you the only upgrade available for these blocks is the heavier core for $150.

Well some time earlier this year, in the February/March time frame, someone mentioned these to me as a comment on YouTube. I had not heard of this kit before, so I checked it out, and lo and behold, it was on clearance sale direct from Powerblock for $79! I immediately called up my local dealer (the same one I had used to buy the blocks) to see if they could order them for me (and save me the cost of shipping). Fast forward about three weeks, and now my Sport 5.5s go up to about 80ish pounds. Awesome!

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Gobblet Classic Edition Board Game Review

I’d never played Gobblet before, but the “Deluxe Limited Edition” looked “classy” in pictures and the game itself sounded interesting. I figured I could leave it out on a coffee table, since it’s easy for two people to pick up and play — much more accessible than Chess. Now that I own it, I wouldn’t suggest buying this game thinking you are getting a super-high quality, well-built, classy toy. I was very disappointed in the build quality.

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Timbuk2 D-Lux Laptop Messenger Bag (Small) Review

Anyone who is familiar with the Timbuk2 brand and the familiar “whimsical spiral” logo know that they make good, quality products. Some people may find them a bit too “casual” for many applications, though. I, however, like that touch of “casual”, even in my business life, which is why I decided to head back to Timbuk2 after having a much more boring and “corporate” bag for my computer before. I did have a Timbuk2 model a few years back that I didn’t really love, mostly because it lacked in the pocket department — both the number of pockets and the shape of those that were present.

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PowerBlock Sport 5.5 Review

About a month into the P90X fitness program I realized that even though I’d been using a nice set of bands, they were no substitute for proper adjustable dumbbells. Why adjustable dumbbells? Because frankly, I don’t have room for an entire rack of weights in my living room, and I don’t have a dedicated workout room/garage, either.

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Miele Earth Canister Vacuum Review

Most people laugh at me when I try to explain why I didn’t enjoy my Dyson, and how, by applying some basic logic, most consumer-level vacuums aren’t all they claim to be. Even more hysterical to them is when I try to explain how you get what you pay for; a good vacuum is likely going to cost well more than $200.

Ask someone to name a good vacuum brand that costs over $200. I’d be willing to bet you’d hear about 85% “Dyson”, 10% “Oreck” and 5% other. Unfortunately, at least 95% of those folks apparently haven’t researched their vacuums like I have. Your logical thought then is “ok, Luke, what is a good vacuum brand, then, and why?”

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